Ezega Engineering PLC has launched the largest news and information portal with highly interactive and customer-friendly interface to serve the Ethiopian public at home and abroad. The portal includes various sections with distinct feel and look including News, Jobs, Real Estate, Classifieds, Social Networking and Shopping.


Ezega.com is highly interactive and comprehensive website that gives users various tools to retrieve and post data. It provides breaking news, latest Ethiopian job openings, real estate for sale or rent, classifieds, shopping place, and tools for entertainment and social networking. The site is divided into six major sections: Ezega News, Ezega Jobs, Ezega Real Estate, Ezega Classifieds, Ezega Community, and Ezega Shopping.

Ezega News provides breaking news of interest to Ethiopians from home and abroad. They post news throughout the day as they arrive. The news section includes categories for Ethiopian news, African news, and international news. It also includes news segments for business, sports, entertainment, politics, commentary, etc.

Ezega Jobs provides the latest vacancies targeted primarily towards Ethiopians. Companies can register free of charge at Ezega.com and create their profile. They can post vacancies at anytime, screen resumes of potential candidates, invite potential candidates to apply for openings, and coordinate their pre- and post-interview activities. Jobs seekers can view latest job openings, save their favorite job openings, create multiple resumes, edit/activate/deactivate their resumes, and apply for jobs online. Their Private Message Board (PMB) allows employers and jobs seekers to communicate online at anytime.

Ezega Real Estate displays the latest homes and properties for sale or rent throughout Ethiopia. The real estate home page is divided into two sections, one displaying the latest 10 properties for sale and the other displaying the latest 10 properties for rent. Anyone can register at Ezega.com and post properties for sale or rent free of charge. Users can browse their real estate database and search for properties using various filter parameters. Using their Private Message Board (PMB), registered users can communicate with property sellers/renters and get more details, arrange for site visits, etc.

Ezega Classifieds allows users to browse classified listings on various topics, including merchandize for sale or rent, service offerings, entertainment, hotel and hospitality services, tenders, etc. Any registered user can post classified ads on Ezega.com. Users can bookmark an ad, forward ads to friends, or respond to ads online which will trigger email message to the person who posted the ad.

Ezega Community is probably the largest module at Ezega.com. It includes various tools for entertainment and social networking. Registered users can blog on various topics. It has Events page where users can advertise their upcoming events. In the Links section, users can post their favorite links. In Galleries, they can post friends and family pictures for public or private viewing. Using Greeting Cards, registered users can send cards to their loved ones. They can use forums and chats to discuss issues and communicate with one another. They can view their large collection of Ethiopian-centric videos anytime, as well as post videos on their site if they have one. Users can search members using various filter parameters such as sex, age, etc., and invite people of interest to them to form friendships, groups, or for dating.

Ezega Shopping displays various merchandises for sale. It has two sections. One lists merchandises that are provided by and shipped from Ezega.com directly, and the second one lists select merchandise from Amazon.com that they believe are of value to their customers.

About Ezega Engineering PLC:
Ezega Engineering PLC is one of the leading software companies in Ethiopia. Formed in 2007, it provides the Ethiopian public and government and private organizations web and custom software services. The head office is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and includes 10 information technology specialists and support staff. The company has established alliances with several foreign companies that allow it to subcontract part of its workload and fulfill it.