A platoon of Ethiopian troops which has abandoned a temporary base of a company of Ethiopian troops at the former labour house, and heading towards the Somali presidential palace has on Monday morning came under roadside explosion as they were crossing a certain junction in the area.

This powerful explosion which was heard in the entire neighborhood was to be a remote control landmine.

“Immediately after the explosion the passing Ethiopian troops opened fire in the four directions I took cover in one of the buildings in the area for my safety, and what I saw was that the Ethiopian soldiers were boarding some of their fellow soldiers who wounded in the blast into their military truck” said a resident in the area who does not want to be disclosed.

The hospital sources confirm for Somaliweyn radio that they have admitted 7 people who were wounded in that very blast which was targeted at the Ethiopian troops.

A unit of the Somali government police which have a police station in the area instantly reached at the area and cordoned off the Street till the targeted Ethiopian troops resumed their journey towards the presidential palace.

The entire activities including the movements of public transportation halted after the explosion thought everything returned to normal once again.

This will not be the first explosion targeted at Ethiopian troops traveling along the Maka-Almukaram Street which is the only Street where the Somali officials use.