It’s good to know who is who!

The ongoing discussion among Oromos about their leadership´s possible perspectives and final choices has indeed only limited interest. Either a few Oromo renegades want to cooperate with the racist and criminal elements of Ginbot-7 and Kinijit or not, the choice will have little effect.

The provocative and dictatorial stance of Hitler´s Children in Africa, the gangsters of Ginbot-7 and Kinijit, against the liberation of the oppressed nations of the pseudo-state ´Ethiopia´ is also an insignificant issue.

What matters is that History has already issued its Verdict against this tragic-comical state with the false, usurped name ´Ethiopia´, which belongs to the ancestors of the modern Kushites who developed a millennia-long civilization in today´s Northern Sudan.

It is the job of historians to regulate the work of history, and the officially appointed Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian pseudo-professors – apologists of the irrelevant pseudo-theories of Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian political need – are not professors, intellectuals or academics. They are the world´s most disreputable trash that should be the first target of the tyrannized Oromos and the other subjugated nations of Abyssinia.

As filthy liars, the criminal Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian pseudo-professors must and will be forced to silence. Every historical lie they say and diffuse is the equivalent of the assassination of 1 million of ´Oromos.

The only true historians in the dysfunctional, anachronistic and tyrannical realm of Abyssinia (fake ´Ethiopia´) are the historians of the oppressed and terrorized, subjugated nations, the Sidamas, the Afars, the Ogadenis, the Oromos and the others.

And they have extensively denounced the fallacy ´Ethiopia´ in all its dimensions; the Oromo leadership has no chance to make a political decision that could eventually contradict or oppose positions and/or verdict stipulated by Oromo historians´ with respect to the evil Amhara nature and the impossibility of survival of the fake state ´Ethiopia´.

When leading Oromo historians and sociologists issued through their excellent and majestic works the verdict that Oromo and Amhara cannot by definition live within the same state, the entire Oromo leadership either follows or vanishes.

It is a mere attestation of inanity for the Amhara to imagine that they have a chance in the billion to maintain their fallacy of ´Ethiopia´ united.

The Oromo leaders must therefore read carefully the following article, and in their effort to establish a free and democratic Oromo society, they must fully comprehend the excellent words of Prof. J. – N. Jeanneney, a leading French scholar, that “it is not the place of lawmakers to regulate the work of history”.

During my postgraduate years in France, I had the chance to meet Prof . Jeanneney; he had accepted me in his seminar at the Institut d´ Etudes Politiques de Paris in September 1980, but I finally attended the sovietological seminar of Helene Carrere d´ Encausse. In the present article that I reproduce integrally, Prof. Jeanneney analyzes the civic responsibilities of the historians. They specify what History is and has been, and the statesmen and politicians adapt themselves to the verdicts of the historians.

Going through this text, if they have the necessary courage, the Amharas should reject the totality of their barbarism and mindset. Compiled to meet political needs, the Amharas´ ideas are not ideas, and their theories are not theories. Even worse, their academia and scholars are ignorant and quasi-analphabetic. Whatever they may say is the most unworthy lie in the world.