How Beautful to comment on some ideas! Had we have this on Ethipia Who stay in Forign country?

EPRDF today is not just a party, they became the country itself…the only power in the poor country called Ethiopia. Any one talking about the country should ask their permission or at least inform them. They wish the voice of single EPDRF/TPLF to count more than that of the Ethiopian poeple: the Oromos, Amharas, Somalis etc. How one publish an artikle without asking the other side(the superpower TPLF)? Dave used a diplomatic word “information” instead of calling it “permission” as the publisher of the article is not in Ethiopia. This is the main aim of “Ethiopian press rule”, you should ask permission if you live in Ethiopia and you should include information from the great TPLF if you are outside. The superpowers will never go to prison, and will never ask asylym, and if they do for some kind of financial benefit they do that with the name of oppressed Ethiopians. Therefore I am not surprised by opinion of Dave about refugees/aslym. According to TPLF, if one is forced out of his beloved country he cannot comment about Ethiopia, and it was copied to Dave’s mussle mind. The dictionary in their mind say Ethiopia means TPLF, any body else has no power and can be: prisoned, killed or flee out. AND NOBODY SHOULD PUBLISH THIS IF NOT THE GREAT TPLF/EPDRF SAID IT IS TRUE! KKKKKKK.

Nowadays it is common to hear comments like you should ask information from our side EPDRF. I have no problem with that but is it the sole criteria for the neutrality of an article? The Newsweek do not ask comment from OLF when interviewing Meles Zenawi and OLF never said you should ask information from my side. One can clearly undersand that it is the view of Meles and it is important for anybody interested in politics of the Horn. According to Dave information cannot be balance without the comment from the ruling party(the superpowers in the region). The other thing I am concerned about is Dave’s oppinion for refugee’s. Anything they said should not be considered as true. Powerless poeple forcefully driven out of their beloved country cannot be trusted as powerful EPDRF. Dave! do not try so hard because the world know that Ethiopians should ask permission from the ruling party to write/say anything about thier country ( as the NEW PRESS RULE caim that) and it is understandable when you say information from our side to foriegn journalists.

We only knew Jeffery Gentleman of New York Times, and his outspokenness of crimes against humanity committed by America’s Alley (Ethiopia) in the war on terror – a government fighting against its own people with the help of US tax dollars.

Even those who would want to be brave enough to post you wonderful article on their websites will have to think twice before acting it – whether they live in US or Europe – as this may also backfire their families back in Ethiopia and the consequences of suffering would only create more life threatening treatment and as known to Males’s administration, more disappearances as this is practice known by Ethiopia’s government.

The saddest part of all of these atrocities committed by the Ethiopia’s government is that US tax payers (except those whose families suffered the consequences) are not aware that Bush’s admin has tripled the aid that it provides to Ethiopian government since Sept. 11, 2001 which sadly only proves to help much more suffering to Ethiopians and more crimes of humanity has been committed under this proxy war.

President Bush, US Senate, and these honest US Tax payers have little or no knowledge of the atrocities committed on a daily basis in Ethiopia. Unless the US aid to Ethiopia is “no strings attached to it” a responsible nation would want to know the military and humanitarian aid that is provided to Ethiopia to be used wisely and appropriately. Not to help government that slaughters its own people.

Below please find links from Human Rights Watch and what they had to say about the Human Rights abuses committed in Ethiopia in general and Ogaden in particular:

Please do not try to hide the true face of your brothers. It’s time to call a spade a spade!

What do you mean when you advise the author to double chech his sources of information before publishing it? Should he consult the so called “Debtera” or Amhara professors? Please get over and come to your senses. The issue of Oromo people and for that matter other oppressed Ethiopian nations can not any more be “shelved” or ignored by the chauvinists. Your time is over my brother!
If you want to save the so called “Ethiopia”, the time is now and only now. Admit the facts and let’s work out together. That country belongs to all its citizens.

The Professor you quoted- as far I know is a graduate of one of the well known universities in the US. Currently, he’s a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota.

Ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell. You do not need to go to a college to tell facts. Also I do not think there’s a second side of the story. They lived it. That’s fact.

None the people Doug talked to are asylees. It’s my assumption. A friend of you (Dave) call these people asylum beneficiaries. Rediculous!

This is what I call authentic reporting.

The Bush administration must be held accountable by the citizens of that country when it stands behind a regime that inflicts such egregious crime against our people all in the name of fighting against terrorism.

Mr McGill tells the truth as we know it and as it should be known to others particularly the American people.

In this connection,Ogaden is a microcosm of TPLF’s atrocity being perpetrated across the length and breadth of Ethiopia.

We must therefore resolutely fight against the the regime’s oppression and cruel treatment of our compatriots together with many of our natural allies,one of whom are the American people.They do care!

The American people need to help the ethiopian