Look at the media and how Ethiopia presents to the whole world. It’s not because God condemn us due to this or that sin we have made.  Everything goes wrong because of Meles and his gangs stay in Power and play their dangerous game.

Travel around Ethiopia and you can see easily how the people hate the current regime.

Before May 2005 election everybody believed that strong and united movement of opposition can throw away the regime once and for all.

We have seen what happened when things didn’t go in accordance with the regime. They kill ,torture and put behind bars thousands of people without mercy.

The same guys who killed in a cold blood still prone the idea of Election and peaceful straggle. How can  meles and his gangs can allow a defeat while the killed innocent civilians when they thought losing their power?

What option has we got? That’s why I say again and again the opposition has to do some more home work before reaching any decision concerning the kind of struggle they want to lead. One has appear to be the right tool to defeat the current regime.

I have read again and again and think  seriously about Ginbot 7 and I have found the whole idea  pretty good and worth to go behind this party.

As Ginbot 7 enjoys a popular support in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora, the regime is bothered too much about the movement because in Addis Ababa the youth have started discussing about the Movement in different cell s. I have made an interview with two member of the movement about there activities in Addis and what they plan to do in the near future.