Tedros Kahssahun is prison for charges he has denied. Is really Tedros stupid that after killing a person he intended to leave his country? I heard he was initially arrested in 2006, but released later.

If Tedros has really killed a person, he would have run away from his country after his release during the first arrest.

Even if we assume he has killed a homeless; he has killed one person. There are criminals like the CUD leaders and including Meles Zenawi who killed our people in broad day light live shooting in a struggle for power. Is Tedros Kahssahun more criminal than the CUD leaders who are now released and now they are living their lives to the fullest while

they have caused about 200 innocent people to perish?


Is T edros Kahssahun more criminal the prime minister himself? Or does it mean that the CUD leaders and the prime minister have entitlement to kill people? From my vintage point, in Ethiopia if one appears powerful, one can kill people and go away while others who are defenceless and powerless has to die in prison.


Is there a scent of justice in Ethiopia? When will Ethiopian children be treated with equality and impartiality?


Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, set free Tedros Kahssahun. He is neither more criminal than your opponent CUD nor more criminal yourself. Even if it is true he has killed someone on the street, I do not think Tedros did go over the homeless deliberately as CUD and CUD did. Thus if you are counting the crime of Tedros, then put yourself and CUD in prison and then let the justice of the nation takes its course on you , CUD, and Tedros, otherwise setting free yourself and the CUD free and arresting one poor citizen is not going to make any sense.


Equality, fairness, impartiality to all Ethiopian