Lulit Amdemaridam, columnist for Fortune, recently wrote a defamatory article about Ginbot 7.

As Andargachew Thiga, put it in his recent writings that Ginbot 7 is not in favor of giving response for this and that biased report, comment or news, I want to take the opportunity to say something about her comment.

 Since Ginbot 7 has enormously enjoyed a popular support here and in the Diaspora, it’s not something that we rant and rave on about. It needs a fair view and argument.

For my part, I ‘m convinced of the arguments that Ginbot 7 has produced. And as I monitor it also wins the heart and soul of many Ethiopians here and in the Diaspora.

Even though I am of the opinion that any political movement has to be open to comment, debate and discussion, Ginbot 7 is not something that we talk wildly without a careful thinking like Lulit did. Because Dr.Berhanu Nega et al have offered a totally convincing argument about their movement.

The leader of the once popular CUD is now the architect of this movement. They still use the same principles but with different strategies. They are still the leader of the people, and everybody wants to listen to them to the extreme. Ginbot 7 is in everyone’s mind .Even the very kind of struggle they have chosen has eaten away at the supporters and members of the current regime. The leaders of the movement are here whether we see them or not; they are here.


Lulit accused them of their physical absence from the country but they control her mind and they have been eating away at her for a couple of weeks. These people wanted to be here and tried to contribute their best to the country in their professional and political life. They are still stick to their guns. They need what we need. They want to empower the people of Ethiopia not this or that ethnic groups. They want to see that democracy prevails in Ethiopia.  They want to see tyrants like Meles and his likes to appear before court. Ginbot 7 wants the immediate distraction of dictators and the mafia like government by any means. To those who consider the current regime as enemy, the strategies of Ginbot 7 are no threat to anyone except to those who are in power and to the individual like Lulit who believed to be a member of the ruling party.