Addismenged has learned from a reliable source that the EPRDF camp is more and more concerned about the circulation of Ginbot 7 newsletter. Even if it is impossible to read the newsletter directly from the website, one can easily print it from the forwarded emails which are widely believed the only and better way to read about the movement.

EPRDF is trying to scout out internet cafés round piazza, 4kilo, and Megnagn and they have started to take in for questioning handful of people.

 Melaku, 26 and student at St. Mary’s College, was one of the arrested and freed in the same day.

He told Addismenged that he was detained about four hours in a police station near Addisugebya. He had seen a handful of men and women mostly young when filmed and asked the same question about the Ginbot 7 movement and the newsletter they hand carried. “I don’t support Ginbot 7 but I do read the newsletter weekly b/c I just get it easily from the forwarded PDF” He added “They took our full address , our fingerprints and warned us not to forward or print any Ginbot 7 newsletter’’

 “What surprised me most is that how they found out that we read Ginbot7 newsletter’’

Ginbot 7 movement is a newly formed movement lead by the elected Mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr.Brhanu Nega who vowed to remove the EPRDF regime by any means.

According to CPJ the regime has threatened to block the distribution of an independently owned newspaper if it continues its leading coverage of a new political opposition movement,