For the last couple of months I was not in a position to write anything expect publishing some news from websites and blogs due to bad eyesight problem. It was very disturbing to know that my sight is very poor to do anything without the proper treatment. Instead of writing a lot about Ethiopian politics, social and cultural matters, I was forced to find cure for my eyesight problem by going this or that hospital. Happily, I’m rather better than before.

    Similar to my eyesight, the political and economical situation of the country is worsening than before; the cud that I rooted and voted for in may 7th 2005 is done, the opposition in general goes to the sublime to the ridiculous, Dr.Brehanu , the elected mayor of Addis Ababa  has formed Ginbot 7 movement and he is convincingly gaining a popular support here and in the Diaspora,

    Bertukan and hers former CUD associates  have formed a new party and they are trying to legalize their party, E.g. Hailu is playing with his former party AEUP card to claim that he is the legal heir of the then CUD …..

    Economically, the price of everything is skyrocketed and it became hard to live in Ethiopia, particularly in Addis Ababa. And there is a shortage of electricity in every two days.

   Shockingly the popular pop singers, Teddy afro is behind bars because of the EPRDF lead government framed him up.

   In addition to these the crime rate is high and people are wondering what to do to change these state of affairs.

   Unfortunately we are in embarrassing situations. Have you read the Irish independent recent comment about Africa particularly Ethiopia?

  So what shall be done to change these problems?

What’s going on this country? What’s the solution to go out of this standoff b/n the government and the opposition, b/n the government, the opposition and the people?

   I strongly believe that the only way out is through supporting the opposition parties. Which party to support has been the question of many concerned citizen. To be continued…