In deed much has been changed since the 2005 election. We have started to see some kind of impartial newspapers.   Samson who has been working in the advertising and promotion business has successfully joined the free press with his full power with the motto of ‘we only afraid of   lies’. It’s promising to see publishers and journalists who are afraid of lies and who vowed to stand up for only the truth. Actually those who are still on the web [who clamed each other as veteran Ethiopian journalists] keep saying that Ethio-channal is pro EPRDF newspaper with out giving any tangible reason. Even they got very angry when the newspaper interviewed Ato Bedur Adem. Because of Ato Bedur said something about Dr.Brehanu and the CUDP on this very newspaper, they labeled it as Pro EPRDF newspaper. Shame on you guys.  Everyone has the right to hear anything about everything!

    For sure would- be famous newspaper is also on the market. The former Meznagna newspaper is back to the arena of the free press and Ethiopian politics with a new name and tone. ‘Addis Neger’. I welcome them enthusiastically to the medium. I vividly remember how the youth were impatient to read it and how exited about the content of the newspaper during the election. They played an important role before and after the election and also they sided with those who preferred to not enter to the parliament. As far as I know it was there right say this or that but they way they reported the dissent ideas during the last days of the crises was absolutely stupid. Even they reported that Ledetu, the controversial, had a meeting with TPLF officials as a misdeed. There evaluation about Ledetu personality and competence as a political leader was completely defamation.  Any way we never forget what they did but we forgive them. And I hope they have learnt something about Ethiopian politics and the rule of the game. We will see what they will do so as to revolutionize the young generation of Ethiopia who supposed to take his position instade of snatching it or waiting for somebody give it to them as the PM Meles put it humorously in his recent discussion with the youth.