I have seen how the media become distractive when it fall at the hand of irresponsible, immature and  short -sighted individuals and groups, as it happens , most of our media is on the hand of these unripe people.  Defamation, accusing, counter accusing, gossip are what they are for. The funniest and the saddest thing about these acts of idiocy is that the very media clam they belong to the pro- democracy camp whilst they don’t know the ABC of freedom of opinion, individual rights and party politics.

            I was fooled by these media in believing what they wrote as a news pieces and by their so-called “current political analysis’’.  . I believe that there is misunderstanding what is meant by criticism. Some people assume that ‘criticism’ means making negative comments. As a result, they refer only to the negative aspects when making an analysis. This is misunderstanding of the term. Critical evaluation means identifying positive as well as negative aspects, what works as well as what doesn’t. In fact we don’t have critical thinkers and rationales in the media as we would like to see them in numbers. Our websites and bloggers, for sure are an instrument for individual interest; they do not know the meaning of these words since they intermingle it with defamation and labeling. That’s why we haven’t had any mentionable, bold, uncompromised most importantly knowledgeable and clear thinker publisher, journalist or blogger.  In deed, we do have mentionable article writers and a few strong-minded journalists and publishers. We need journalists and publishers like Eskinder Nega, Tamrat G.Giorgis, Amare Aregawi, Abye Teklemariam, et al who have shown us what meant to be higher-level publisher and journalist.       

    What is done is done and we have learned a lot. We have seen what kinds of media have excited in Ethiopia. We have seen who really our leaders in both blocks are. So now we are not in an illusion to see radical changes in a few years time, seeing as we do not have a vibrant political party and free media which are basic instruments to the road towards democracy, our task should be to create a or to help political party. the establishment of new kind of media and