I have kept my finger on the pulse of Ethiopian politics ever since I became old enough to understand and analyze it. When I was a teenager, my sources were the BBC, VOA, DW, Rfi, magazines and newspapers. Not so long ago, I have used the internet as a primary source of information about Ethiopian politics, social and economic matters.          On the internet, I have found 100+ websites and blogs directly related to Ethiopia. For the last four or five years, I have cautiously followed and evaluated the most influential Ethiopians’ websites and blogs. I have found them more informative than any other media that report about Ethiopia. They publish the latest development, mixture of authoritative analysis and worth- reading articles.  I have a great respect for the work they have done and the sacrifice they have made.  But I am not of the opinion of taking sides. It is a well know true that all of them are supporter of this or that political party. Either they support that EPRDF lead government or the opposition. (These days the vary media try to create a division within the opposition). That‘s where my beef with these medias. As a media, they have to report with out supporting this or that. As far as I know the basic principal of journalism is to be non partisan.  I will continuously write about these media and I divulge how they have been trying to feed us wrong information. So my dear compatriot, I finally come to a decision to crate a place where you can find something with out the least intention of supporting this or that party. I blog for democracy, freedom, human right, tolerance and above all the unity of our beloved country, Ethiopia.